Promotional Work | Client: Buca di Beppo

Promotional Work | Client: Buca di Beppo | Pope busts revealed!

Recent promotional work for Buca di Beppo; Rolling out the new Pope busts for the Pope rooms! Each busts was hand sculpted and painted by artist Glenn Terry ( Such a cool and unique experience!


3 thoughts on “Promotional Work | Client: Buca di Beppo

  1. Hi, I’m the sculptor of these busts, which I also hand-painted (110 of them!) Cool photo! The most I had in my studio at any one time was about 42, so it is nice to see a larger group and arranged in a Buca context. Glenn Terry

    • Hi, Glenn! Your work was absolutely amazing. We were so impressed to hear that just one artist was making so many beautifully detailed busts! I am happy to have such a unique image in my book, so thank you for being a huge part of that.

      • Thanks Casi! A subtitle for me would be, “How I spent My Summer”, since I did little else except work on these. The photo is certainly different than your individual ( and mostly outdoor) portraits, so it is a good way to show your range.

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